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Decline Of Tram In Kolkata

The tram in Kolkata is one of the heritage transport in India. From 400 trams with 40 to 45 routes to 10 trams with two routes now in operation, the Calcutta Tram Users Association is attempting to save it at all costs. Trams are a joyride for women, kids, and elderly people who peep outside the big windows to enjoy the view of the city of Joy. In recent years, tram lines across the city have been repaired in a few areas, but their disappearance from the city's roads continues. On February 24, 2023, Calcutta Tramways will complete its 150th year, followed by the celebration of the anniversary by Kolkata Tram Fans, in spite of having different issues regarding its continuation in the city.   

Debashish Bhattacharya, President of Calcutta Tram Users Association (a Non-Profit Organisation), according to him "Tram creates the societal equality where anybody can ride it with ease. It helps to decongest road and is pollution free. Tram is economically viable in terms of maintenance and sustainability, we are trying to educate common people and politicians that it will be an expensive mistake if  they discontinue the service of tramways in Kolkata and they have to pay huge cost for this deliberate intentional man made disaster". 

Sambhunath Singh, 58 years of age, is a tram driver who has been associated with Calcutta Tramways for the last 36 years as an employee. According to him, "Calcutta Tramways is a historical organisation that should be preserved." "Every type of person, from senior citizens to children, can travel by tram comfortably and economically."

Binod Kumar Dubey, 60 years old, is a tram driver who will retire from Calcutta Tramways in the next month. He said the minimum of 500 trams in Calcutta used to run 30 years ago, when the cost of the ticket was 30 paisa for first class and 25 paisa for second class. According to him "Tram must stay since he has been associated with Calcutta Tramways for so many years where his father used to drive Tram in Calcutta, Tram should be preserved in working condition since it doesn't make pollution and it is a smooth ride for all types of people." 

Md Abbas Ali, 75 years of age, a Tram Passenger ride tram from the year 1947. According to him, "the ticket price was 3 paisa in the year 1950." Earlier, the frequency was regular; nowadays, he has to wait for one hour to get a tram. 20 years ago, every 5 minutes there was a tram; nowadays, an auto rickshaw is costlier than a tram, where the auto takes Rs 17 and the tram takes Rs 6 (Esplanade to Park Circus). "There are poor people who love to travel on the tram due to the low cost." 

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