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Kushti (An Indian Traditional Wrestling)

Most countries have traditional style of Wrestling. In India, Wrestling takes place in a clay or dirt pit. This ancient sports use to hold great importance in Indian societies of the past, its popularity over the recent years however it is diminishing gradually. In India, there are some places where Kushti still exists. Even in those places the future of the sport is uncertain. The soil mixed with ghee and other things and is tended to before each practice. Wrestlers belong to gyms called akharas, where wrestlers live under strict rules. Wrestler's diets consist of milk, almonds, ghee, eggs and chapattis and each wrestler has a job to do in preparing meals. The sport is on the decline, but there are still many akharas left and some dedicated people who are working to keep this ancient part of Indian culture alive. Kushti wrestler is also restricted to Sex, Wine, Tobacco and Drugs. (Photo by Indranil Aditya)

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