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Greg Samonte

New York, USA

I'm big fan of Indranil's work. In particular, I like his black and white photographs of Varanasi and Kolkata are always pleasant to treat. 

The three  things, I always get when staring at one of his photos are: 

1. Shock- Similar to what it feels when jumping straight into a deep and cold swimming pool. Unless you're already living in the exact same place as the photo, the change in scenario is very sudden. Each photo gives me a new perspective of the world- it tells me that there are places and existences in the world that are very different from my own. 

2. Immersion: This comes after shock. Each photo has a subject that is very interesting on its own- life whose experiences I can only really image. Beyond the subject, there are a multitude of things in each photo that tell me more- what that world looks like and how it feels. 

3. Appreciation- Simply put, each photo is beautiful, and carefully taken and prepared. Self explanatory!

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